Some of the most notable cane users included royalty whose walking sticks not only supported them while they walked, but often acted as fashionable statement pieces!

Kings, Canes, Walking Sticks, and Staffs

Canes and walking sticks have a history that stretches back to ancient times. Some of their most notable users included royalty whose canes not only supported them while they walked, but often acted as fashionable statement pieces!

Here are just a few individuals from the ancient times that used canes to help them take the extra step:

King Tutankhamen

To ancient Egyptians, staffs resembled power and authority. Perhaps the most well-known of the pharaohs was King Tutankhamen, who was an avid collector of canes and walking sticks. He was buried in his tomb with over 130 canes and walking sticks, both ceremonial and functional.

King Henry VII

Another fan of canes and walking sticks was King Henry the VII of England. One of his favorites was a gold-plated number that concealed perfume at the top, as well as a ruler, a knife, and a golden file. His cane was not only fashionable, but also multi-purpose! Much like our Handy Cane, which is a cane and high-quality grasper in one!

King Henry VIII

Not to be outdone, King Henry VIII had a multi-purpose cane of his own called “Henry the VIII’s Walking Staff”. It currently resides at the Tower of London, and featured with a morning star on the top and concealed three matchlock pistols. Now there’s a way to pass times with good company! If he were around today, Henry probably would prefer the Handy Cane with its concealed built-in grasper!

King Louis XIV

The Sun King was also a big fan of canes, and was rarely seen without one! One of history’s greatest trend-setters, Louis XIV’s canes were ornate jewel-encrusted accessories which he “wore”. Although he inspired the members of his court to do the same, for Louis walking sticks were a symbol of power and authority, and he banned his subjects from using them in his presence.

Luckily these days, canes of all sorts are more accessible than ever and our Handy Cane really stands out from the rest! Although the Handy Cane itself weighs less than one pound, the built-in grasper can pick up objects weighing up to five pounds! Give it a try today, and follow in the steps of royalty.

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