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5 Uses for a Cane With a Grabber to Enjoy Fall

Autumn is right around the corner, and with it comes some of our favorite festivities and activities. For the 40% of Americans that face mobility concerns, it may feel like our opportunities to enjoy the fall season are somewhat limited. Assistive devices like the Handy Cane, which is an award-winning walking cane with a built-in reaching grabber, have been helping more Americans get where they need to go. Though, how much you get out of your walking cane depends on what you can do with your walking cane… or what your walking cane can do for you! In this case, it’s getting the most out of the fall season.

Let’s take a look at how the Handy Cane can solve your own mobility problems, gives you back your independence, and bring you some new memories:

Apple Picking

Perhaps the most classic fall pastime. When the air starts getting crisp, who doesn’t think of heading over to their favorite apple orchard? Though depending on when you get there, it might be that the only apples left are up at the top of the tree! A cane can get you around from tree to tree, but what about reaching the apples up high? The Handy Cane can do it! Its grabber has the tensile strength to help you pluck an apple down, without worrying about damaging the apple in the process. With the Handy Cane, you don’t need to carry a grabber and a cane — it’s all-in-one!

Decorating Your House

What better way is there to get into the spirit of the season than to hang your favorite decorations around the house? But even if you don’t rely on a cane to help you get around, dragging a stepladder from room to room can be a pain, and standing on top of one can be dangerous. Let the Handy Cane help you reach higher than you thought a cane ever could! The Handy Cane’s grabber has the precision you need to hang anything from papier-mâché decorations to garland or string lights.

Nature Walking & Leaf Peeping

The changing colors of the leaves is one of the tell-tale signs that fall is upon us. But even if you don’t live in a region known for this phenomenon, the autumn months are the perfect time to get outside and enjoy even moderately cooler temperatures. Find a new walking trail nearby to explore! A walking cane can help you navigate the trails. Though, a cane with a concealed grasper, like the Handy Cane, can help you pick up the leaves you need to assemble festive autumn wreaths or to complete wax paper pressing!

Trick or Treating

Whether you’re taking the little ones out trick-or-treating, or spending the night at home passing out candy, the pageantry of Halloween is irresistible! If you’re worried about your lack of mobility, it can seem downright scary. Luckily, the Handy Cane makes it possible to pass out candy from the comfort of your seat, all without any uncomfortable strain or stressing, and without the wear on your knees of getting up and sitting back down all night.

Yard Work

It may not seem like “fun,” but yardwork is an inevitability of the fall. Time spent working on your lawn can mean a lot of kneeling down and standing up, which is tough on backs and knees. The Handy Cane can make this type of work a breeze, with its grabber tool. You can use it to easily pick up most debris, yard waste, and trash that is in your yard. The Handy Cane can also improve your gardening experience, by allowing you to plant bulbs for the spring without ever having to bend over or repetitively kneel.

Enjoy The Fall

Be prepared to enjoy the fall season by purchasing the award-winning Handy Cane today! With a 60 day money back guarantee, and our awards from Medtrade, we are sure that our cane is the perfect one for you!

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