Indoor or Outdoor use for Reaching Grabber Tool

A medical condition, among other causes, may lead to problems related to mobility and movement. The assistive cane is a boon for those who are looking for solutions that can help them lead a more comfortable and fruitful life. The new handy canes provide for, a comfortable grip and many other features that make them convenient and highly useful medical aids for many. Elderly and patients suffering from neurological diseases, limb related abnormalities and other mobility related problems including injuries and post-surgery recovery   can use the handy canes, not just as a walking aid, but also to pick an object from the floor, like a fallen key, remote control or reach to pick a jar from a top shelf. The new walking cane has a built in “grabber and reacher” feature that would allow to pick up and reach items that are difficult to grab.

The reaching grabber tools or the handy canes can hence be used to pick up a letter that lies on the ground with ought bending or to get a book from the bookshelf, to pick an apple from the top branch of the tree, to reach a tool in the garage top shelf and many other similar purposes. The special cane helps you grab objects that are a far away, without any strain or discomfort.

Reachers and grabbers available in different types and sizes

There are many different varieties of grabbers and reachers available. But the Handy Cane’s heavy-duty built in reacher and grabber provides for the best versatile application of y the heavy duty cane and the grabber/reacher in one. – The canes are specifically made for supporting the weight of up to 350 pounds in a closed position and picking up the objects as tiny as a penny and  a heavy weighted as a bottle of wine or a jar of a tomato souse – up to 5 pounds Indoor and outdoor uses

The Handy Canes with the grabber and reacher can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. You can use them to pick up the litter and debris that lies on the floor or a golf ball on a golf course or an apple from the tree. . . The use of the grabber and reacher canes hence eliminates the need for a ladder as well, so that you do not need any ladder to reach the objects that are placed high in the room.

Grabbers and reachers can therefore be used by those who are suffering from mobility related disabilities due to the age or medical related conditions for help with walking, as well for general purposes like trash picking etc.

You would no longer need to bend your knees or back – just use the Handy Cane with grabber/ reacher to help you walk, reach and grasp.

Choose a Handy Cane with built in grabber /Reacher after careful search of the walking canes accessories options available.

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