This Father’s Day Gift Your Loving Dad a Supporting Hand – Handy Cane a Reacher-grasper and Walking Cane in one

A father is the one who nurtures and protects his kids. He is one of the driving forces behind every great daughter and son. Through his life a father remains a guiding hand to his kids. Father’s Day is the time to celebrate all fathers and the sacrifices they make to raise a child.

This Father’s Day make your father feel extra special by gifting him something that could provide the needed support while walking and help to reach for the things that are hard to reach, like a tool on the top garage shelf or a fallen car key… Be your father’s supporting hand by gifting him a handy cane.

Handy Cane: The Best Father’s Day Gift

You learned walking holding the fingers of your father and now, in his old age when he finds it a little difficult to walk, why not gift him a supporting hand? A Handy Cane qualifies as the best gift for the fathers who are having trouble walking due to the age, injury or recovering after a surgery.

If you agree with the fact that a walking cane is indeed the best gift for your loving and caring dad, this Father’s Day, we bring to you the best walking cane that comes with a reaching grabber tool. The cane will not only support your dad while he walks but the reacher-grasper will help him grab and pick the things that he actually finds hard to pick.

Features of Handy Cane

The Handy Cane fulfils a double duty; a durable and sturdy walking cane and a reacher-grasper.  The design offers complete functionality and efficiency. The Handy Cane provides optimum support while walking. The rubber tips offer stability on any terrain, be it rough or smooth.

The handy canes are available in three sizes: small medium, and large.

The small Handy Cane is 32.7” long. It is the best pick for you if your dad is 4’5” to 5’5” tall. The medium Handy Cane is 34.7” long would be suitable if your father is 5’5” to 6’1” tall. The large Handy Cane is for dads who are 6’1” or taller.  This Handy Cane is 37.7” long.

The Handy Cane features a special reaching/grabber tool which is shaped as hand and is proven to be invaluable in helping to get difficult to reach objects like books, tools, bottle of wine from the top shelf, an apple from a tree, pick something up from floor like a fallen key, newspaper, a piece of garbage dispersed by racoons, etc.

With the reacher/grabber tool, your dad can easily reach and pick things up to 5 pounds. The ergonomic design of the Handy Cane would help with the pain of bending the knees and back.

Buy Walking Canes Online

A gift must always be functional. A walking cane is something that your dad would enjoy using. He would cherish your gift for the rest of his life.

You can buy the walking, reaching & grabbing Handy Cane online. If you want to buy the gift right now, please go on our web site:

This Father’s Day is your opportunity to pamper your dad. Shower him with lots of love, affection, and care by gifting him a Handy Cane.

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