How A Reaching Grabber Walking Cane Can Save Your Back From Pain?

How Reaching Grabber Walking Cane Save Your Back From Pain?

The walking device, or handy cane is used by those who need help walking, due to the age, trauma or recovering from knee, feet and legs related surgeries. Handy Cane is used for improving the mobility as a walking aid for both short and long term.

Our walking cane is durable, made of aircraft grade aluminum and can support weight of up to 350 pounds in the closed position.

Canes have evolved today to be much sturdier than a walking wooden stick that can be used for greater motion stability. They have been created after immense and intensive medical research and have the specific size, shape, base, and other features that make them very useful, convenient, and comfortable for those who really need them.

The Grabber or Reacher Cane

What if the cane you use for mobility improvement also helps you to reach out to objects and grab them without stressing your back and bending your body? Handy Cane, the reaching grabber tool in the form of a cane is one immensely useful and well-researched product that provides you all the benefits of assistive walking canes and beyond. Some of the unique benefits of this cane include:

  • Consists of a built-in grabber or reacher that helps you reach out to everything you find hard to pick or get to up to 5 pounds.
  • The built-in grabber can be conveniently used to grab and pick up the objects that lie on the floor, for instance, a key.
  • Stability and support while on the go and at any time you need it.

The ergonomic design of the grabber makes it nimble, sensitive, hard and rugged all at the same time. As a grabber the Handy Cane can be easily adjusted, it can be used to pick up a small piece paper from the floor and can also be used to pick a book from the shelf or a jar from a table.

Say bye-bye to back pain

The Handy Cane is the best walking cane accessory that can eliminate inconvenience when you try to reach up or bend down, or even when you perform the sideways movements. Those who have faced some kind of surgery or are suffering from a debilitating medical condition may find reaching out, bending, and other moments quite inconvenient. Frequent bending and other forms of dislocation may also be a cause of back pain. You can purchase the grabber/ cane combination (Handy Cane) that provides tremendous benefits of a single cane with a grabber/reacher function and will also help protect your back.

As you would not be straining your muscles and preventing injuries, there are multiple incidences of sprain and pain that you would be able to avoid. The canes can be used to pick and hold many different kinds of objects of varying sizes and weight, and are available online at very nominal cost.

The Handy Cane is hence very useful. The sleek case is made of high-quality materials. These include premium space age plastic, aluminum (aircraft grade), premium stainless steel and the like. You can order the Handy Cane online and see how it can improve your quality of life.

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