Dealing With Mobility Issues

How To Contend With Mobility Issues

Mobility issues could leave a person wanting to settle into the sedentary life, which isn’t a particularly healthy thing to do. We realize that getting around may not be the easiest thing to do and that’s why we’re here. A Handy Cane can help those who want to remain mobile while dealing with mobility issues that may impair walking, stooping, and reaching.

What are the Benefits of a Walking Cane?

Those suffering from a wide array of common mobility issues could find great benefits in regularly using a walking cane.


Diabetics are typically encouraged to move around as much as they can, in addition to eating healthy foods. This helps, in part, to burn off extra calories and keep their blood sugar lower than it typically would be. Another huge benefit fors diabetes sufferers is that exercise gets the blood pumping, helping to relieve common limb swelling and other problems that may lead to muscle degradation or, in extreme cases, the loss of a limb.

High Blood Pressure

Much like diabetics, those with high blood pressure will find that exercise is likely to help improve their condition. If the hypertension is caused due to weight gain, this exercise may even relieve the condition over time if the weight loss is significant enough. Hypertension patients will often find that they suffer from dizziness on days when their blood pressure is high. A cane could provide someone additional personal confidence that helps with keeping on with their routine. Thereby, they have something to lean on while they recover from episodes.


Some forms of arthritis may benefit from a more active lifestyle. Like with those suffering hypertension, overweight arthritis patients may find that weight loss helps. After all, the lighter you are on your feet the less impact your joints have to cope with. A cane may help those who need a little extra assistance in getting up, walking up and down stairs and hills, and by reducing the impact of your step.

Balance Issues

For those with balance issues such as the issues typically seen with hydrocephalus, a cane may allow more independence. This is achieved by giving them something to hold on to when the world starts to tip. A cane also allows them to stoop or bend over for short periods more comfortably in giving them leverage to get back up.

The Ideal Solution

Rather than simply functioning as a standard cane, the Handy Cane is a walking cane that features a built in reaching grabber engineered to act as a helping hand. The walking cane tips provide an incredibly strong foothold for extra stability while strolling along, and an iron fist to snag whatever you need.

Worried about the cane triggering when you don’t want it to? No problem. The Handy Cane has a built in locking grip that prevents the prongs from opening when placed in the lock position. Many people with hand weakness or weak motor skills can release this very lightweight lock. The Handy Cane really has thought of it all for anyone who may be in need.

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