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Best Canes for Walking

Best Canes for Walking

The Modern Day Walking Cane

Our award-winning walking cane features a built-in reaching grasper. It can pick up objects as small and light as a paper clip and as large and heavy as a full bottle of wine.

Walking Cane Reaching Grabber Tool

Regain Your Freedom

Our walking cane provides independence for people with limited mobility due to age, physical disability, or recovery from a recent injury or surgery.

Picking Up Keys with Reaching Grabber Tool

From Elegant Cane to Versatile Grabber

The Handy Cane is two products in one: a sleek walking cane and an easy-to-use grasper that helps you pick up or grab hard to reach items.

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“Much sturdier than my existing cane.”

“Becoming indispensable in, and out of the house.”

“I’m so impressed, I ordered a second one for a friend.”

“Very practical when grocery shopping.”

“Durable and lightweight.”

Reaching tool | Grasper tool

Durable, Lightweight & Strong

The baked on, powder coat, neutral charcoal gray finish resists scratches and fingerprints.

Hand operated grabber tool

Nimble & Precise

Nimble and sensitive enough to pick up a piece of paper or a dime lying flat on the floor, but strong and rugged enough to pick up a wine bottle or book.

Comfortable Walking Canes

Built for a Lifetime

Our walking cane is made of top quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and space age plastics. It’s built to provide years of top quality, dependable service.

Just choose your size!


32.7” long for people 4’5″ to 5’5″ tall

$69.95Read more


34.7” long for people 5’5″ to 6’1″ tall

$69.95Read more


37.7” long for people over 6’1″ tall

$69.95Read more

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