Common Cane Mistakes to Avoid While Walking

Common Cane Mistakes to Avoid While Walking

The special kind of walking sticks, the assistant canes, provide for better mobility. But there are certain mistakes to be avoided so that best benefit could be derived from the assistive or mobility canes.

The assistant, mobility, or handy canes are quite useful and beneficial for those who are facing mobility issues. Often used as mobility aids and crutches, the handy cane is a recommended therapeutic and medical option for many. The walking cane may help towards:
● Increasing the support base so that the cane holder can get more traction and control.
● Redistributing the weight of the leg or legs so that the pain, discomfort, and/or weakness
can be alleviated.
● Providing more physical support so that the cane holder can achieve greater balance while walking.

While the canes offer many advantages, their improper use reduces their benefits. Here are some of the common mistakes that are made by people while using canes for walking.

Mistake 1: Not choosing the correct size (height) of the cane

People often do not choose the size of the cane to that of their own height, before using them for walking. This may cause instability, and use of extra force and effort that are not needed. Improper traction and control, and inconvenience towards usage are other accompanying problems.

To choose the appropriate size, stand straight and let your arm hang straight from your shoulder. The elbow should also be straight and should not be bent. The height of the cane should be the length between the ground and your wrist. One of the best canes for walking, the Handy Cane comes in three sizes; Small (32.7 inches), Medium (34.7 inches) and Large (37.7 inches). While using the cane, the elbow should not be more than at an angle of 20 degrees.

Mistake 2: Holding the handy vane in the wrong hand

Remember that you should always hold the high quality walking cane in the hand that is on the opposite side of the harmed or debilitated side of the body. As the affected part is weak, you would need the strength of the healthy body part and the walking cane for the enhanced mobility. Hence always remember that the walking stick should always be held on the unaffected and healthy side of the body.

Holding the cane far from the body

One of the other common mistakes associated with the use of canes is that the users hold and place it far away from the body. The result is that the cane user has to lean forward or has to bend sideways while walking. This causes inconvenience, and the weight of the body is not distributed properly. You would be wasting more energy and efforts and increasing your walking time if you hold the cane away from the body. The cane should, therefore, be held close to the body so that you can hold, use, and manipulate it better.

The Handy Cane can be used in many different instances. They are the one of the best methods to aid with mobility problems, provided you know how to use them properly. You can easily search for a quality walking cane by searching Google with the keywords “walking canes near me”, and follow the advice on how to get best benefits.

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